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Japanese RVs- 2009 Camper Fesitval Tokyo

July 15th, 2009 · No Comments

The Japanese tend to have a unique sense of style. Whether it is coutorture clothing, the latest cutting edge gadget, or the most unusual RVs…Japan doesn’t disappoint. Check out this video of the 2009 Camper Festival in Tokyo and these Mini Motorhome RVs.

Some, like the Suzuki La.Kunn, are so small that as the owner you would have to sleep with your head next to the steering wheel and your feet might just reach the back door. With these little RV’s, I hope that you really like your travel partner and in this case just really like to be around yourself! There is not much room to move. However, the designers pack a lot into a little package. Many of the Mini RVs have a bed, a sink, and storage. Some even have a TV, coffee table, awning, and seating. These RV’s come in funky blues, oranges, with circular windows, with tents on top of the roof, and with distinctive names. If you are looking for a unique RV, look no further than Japan.

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