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Neat Unicat RV Video- Unique RV

February 1st, 2010 · No Comments

Back in September, we wrote a popular post about the Unicat RV, so we decided to follow that post up with more intriguing information about the Unicat RV. While this might not be your typical RV for Sale, because it retails at close to $600,000, it is still an interesting RV to look at and dream about.

The Unicat RV in the above video is designed to go forward in up to four feet of water and pretty much any weather conditions. The Unicat Expedition Vehicle gets 8 miles to the gallon, so try filling up the twin 120-gallon gas tanks with fuel (if you average 60 mph while driving), and it will cost you approximately $800 to fill the tank. While you might want to look in to more fuel efficient RVs if you are looking to own a motorhome, Unicat is thinking of coming out with a rental program, so it might be a fun splurge to consider renting a Unicat RV at some point. Or, just get into your own smaller version of the Unicat by checking out Used RVs for Sale.

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