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Hotel on Wheels Unique Motorhome

April 1st, 2010 · No Comments

Check out this unique motorhome. While I guess that it can also be considered a tour bus or hotel-on-wheels, this Rotel Tours vehicle features 24 seats and 26 capsule size sleeping areas for guests. This motorhome will, however, make you glad that your Class A Motorhome is so spacious. Sleeping areas in this unusual RV measure just six feet long and three feet high! Hope that you aren’t claustrophobic! Still, tour goers cannot beat the convenience of being able to travel to remote locations and continue to have more cushy sleeping accommodations.

Click here for more information on Rotel.

If you want to get your own hotel on wheels, even if you can only afford a used motorhome, you should definitely check into your options.

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